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What is it?
Who created it?
Why should I use it?
How much does it cost?
Where can I buy it?
What do I get when I order?
Why are you crowdfunding?

Product Features

What features are available
What colors do you offer?

Tech Specs

What is the uniqueness of the technology?
How is the device powered?
How does it work?
Will there be updates to it in the future?
How does it connect to other devices?

Playing Games On Atari VCS

What is the Operating system?
Does Atari VCS support online multiplayer games?
Will Atari be updating any of its existing games for Atari VCS?
Can you gamecast to Twitch while playing Atari games?
Can you call friends to chat while playing together?
Can we play Pong with friends online now?
Can we also access app functions on a web browser?
Will you be able to play Steam Games on Atari VCS?

Setup and Maintenance

How do I set it up?
How do I turn it on and off?
How do I control it?
What is the care and cleaning of it?

Safety and Regulation

What are the recommend ages?
Is it safe?
What certifications do you have?
How durable is it?
How is my privacy protected?
How secure is it?
Can someone watch or listen to me?
Are there any risks associated with use?


When does shipping begin?
When can we expect it to reach our doorsteps?
Where does it ship?
How much is shipping?
Do I have to pay VAT / GST?

Customer Service

Is there a warranty?
What is your refund policy?
What is your return / exchange policy?
Why do I have to wait longer than usual?
If I have other questions, who should I contact?


Is Atari VCS going to have a fully-compatible 2600 (or any Atari system) emulator on it?
Would the creators of the games still fully retain the rights to them?
Will the store have the ability to "Feature" a game and if so, how does one get featured?
Are there any fees involved if i want to sell a game on the Atari VCS store?
Can developers freely manage game updates? Are there any restrictions?
Are there any policy differences for starting/indie developers compared to established developers?
Are there any policy differences for retro games compared to modern developed games?
Do games have specific limitations regarding hard drive size? And patches/updates/DLCs?
Do you offer an Atari VCS Developer Program? If a development studio joined, what resources would they have access to?
Are there any special resources that Official Atari VCS Developers might have access to?
Will there be an approval process for submitted games? ( against shovelware)
Is Atari VCS compatible with Unity/Unreal Engine/Gamemaker/other 3rd party game development kits?
Are there monetization options/regulations for games published in Atari VCS? (DLC, loot boxes, cosmetic, etc)