Become a developer

Become a developer

Create Games For the Atari VCS

Develop new games and apps for yourself, your friends and family, or to bring to the Atari VCS community.

Publishers and developers can submit new and existing games and apps for inclusion in the Atari VCS store to expand your audience and generate revenue.

Atari is committed to working with small, indie developers to help them share their creativity with our community of users.

Develop your games using standard game development platforms like Unity and Linux, with additional development platform compatibility coming soon.

Develop Using Unity

Develop Using Unity

Most non-VR games and apps developed in Unity will be readily compatible with the Atari VCS. We work with Unity and other popular development engine makers on specific guidance for porting content to the Atari VCS and provide more specific details to members of the developer program.

Develop Using Linux

Develop Using Linux

The Atari VCS uses a custom version of the Debian Linux OS and supports games and apps developed using standard 64-bit Linux code, APIs and tools. Creators can expect a large majority of Linux-compatible content to be fully compatible with the Atari VCS.

Finalizing compatibility will involve testing your content on actual Atari VCS hardware and controllers.

Bring Your Homebrew Games To the Atari VCS

Homebrew is an important part of the passionate Atari community and firmly ingrained in the brand’s heritage. Makers and creators continue crafting new games for decades-old consoles and now that essential homebrew legacy will have a place on the Atari VCS too. (Coming soon.)

Revenue Sharing

Publishers and developers will receive 88% (percent) royalty on all Atari VCS-exclusive titles, and an 80% (percent) royalty on non-exclusive titles, approved and placed for sale in the Atari VCS store.

Submission and Approval

Development of new games for the Atari VCS is underway and ongoing. We are actively seeking developers and publishers to bring both new games as well as titles from their back-catalogs to the Atari VCS platform.

Atari has an easy-to-use submission portal and formalized approval process for VCS games and apps. If you have a game or app you would like us to consider for placement in the VCS store, please complete this registration form and provide us with some information about you, and, most-importantly, links to your games, and game trailers.

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